Our guiding principle was that design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life, necessary for everyone in a civilized society.

…Walter Gropius


At TAD Architects, our design philosophy is based on the principles of local precedence, function, sustainability and Vernacular architecture. This style strives to reflect the environment, taking cues from the surrounding area such as grade, sun position, and views. Use of materials that have strong connections to local use and traditions is also crucial to us. Our goal is to deliver thoughtful, well-crafted design solutions for residential and commercial projects. We truly believe that a collaborative effort between our team, the Client and Builder leads to a smoother process and better results.





Here is a detailed description of the design process by phase:

 Programming/ Conceptual Design

During this phase, we will assist you in further developing the programming requirements and different types of spaces you wish to create in your new home and determine the style of the exterior. We will analyze the site and the placement of the home and then provide conceptual plans and a front elevation or 3D model showing the proposed style.

   Design Development

During this phase, we will assist you in further developing the style of the exterior. We will make any changes to the floor plan, provide design development floor plans and develop all elevations that show the exterior of your new home. At all times we will work closely with any consultants involved in the project (landscapers, engineers, builders, etc.)

  Construction Documents

This phase includes the development of the final foundation plans, floor plans, electrical plans, exterior elevations, building section(s), wall sections(s), and specifications for the proper construction of the project.

  Construction Administration

During this phase, we will make ourselves available to the contractors for questions and provide them with any additional information that they may need. We can make regular site visits per the owner’s request. We will work with the builder to be within the budget, so its a team process between client, architect, and builder, from start to finish.